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Hand spun, hand woven, and hand sewn linen items.
Each item is one of a kind and artistically designed with 
the intention of using less resources and treading on the earth
lightly. They are dyed with plants, often ones I grow. It is a 
process of love. I offer, for now, bags that are perfect for 
Ren Faire garb, Larp, or just for that streetwear statement.  

ABOUT Celtic Juju

Here you will find hand spun, hand woven, and hand developed items, mainly bags, of various fibers, though primarily flax/linen. 

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About Possible Custom Orders
I am generally making what I consider to kind of be
art pieces,following the inherent nature of each bag.
This does not mean I will never do a custom order! If, for example, you would like a particular color or size (perhaps similar to something already sold) then I can put that on the back burner, so to speak. I would list that item and let you know it is for sale. I have done custom orders in the past, in past endeavors, and the are not always easy or appreciated? That being said just shoot me an email or message if you really need something special! 
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