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My Story

Hi! Thanks for coming by! 

First off you can check my blog here to see the processes involved in  making my items I sell. 

I have long been drawn to naturally made things, and learning how to make things more naturally. That does not mean that many of my self employment journeys have not involved many purchased items to create products for sale. But it has always bothered me.

With my love of spinning I have evolved a vision. That vision is spinning my own fiber and making, primarily bags, for use by those in fantasy or historical communities. But they are also items that anyone anywhere can use and appreciate. A great little linen bag hanging off your belt keeps things handy and out of the way as well as making a simple fashion statement! 

My goal is to use only materials that are responsibly sourced as I can find. This is in regards to my fibers. However I own 2 angora goats and will spin their hair. I am also embarking on growing my own linen. By processing fibers myself I am reducing my own carbon footprint, as well as yours! 

Occasionally you will see some of m products with items I did not make, such as glass beads or embroidery floss. This is because I have those items already from years of projects. I have not purchased anything this year, 2020, other than fibers and some linen clothes at the thrift store (to be used as linings when absolutely necessary). I will use my supplies till they are gone and then purchase no more. In every listing the descriptions will state what is made by me and what may have been made elsewhere. My goal is to get to a place where everything that goes into my products is made completely by me, and in as an earthy friendly manner as possible. 

I live in the high desert of New Mexico and responsibly source some wild dyes, and then grow my own dye plants. I am part of a community well that has a limited amount of clients so I do not over use water (no lawn either!). 

My blog is also where I put videos so that you are aware of the entire process of making bags and whatever else I sell. It is a process and one that inspires me and makes me so happy! I am grateful to not use glue anymore! Haha though if needed I know how to make it out of ash and tree sap! 

NOTE: as of right now my process is not vegetarian or vegan as I use gelatin for sizing my linen. I will soon adapt to only using flax see liquid to sizing and then I will be vegan (with the exception of some items that use leather as embellishment, leather I had on hand). 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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