This is a linen bag (hand spun, hand woven, and hand sewn with linen thread I spun) which has a beaded fringe on the flap and along the bottom of the bag. Obviously these are beads I have in my stash. If you have read my information you will know that I am using up supplies but am not buying any more. As such this is not a bag that is naturally "authentic" in terms of historical elements. 

It could be a wonderful sling bag for a fairy costume, or a very fun statement piece in casual every day wear!. The cord can be shortened by the buyer and then looped onto a belt as well. 

It has been dyed with safflower petals (I grew the safflower) and Navajo tea plant, responsibly harvested from the forest down the road. The color was hard to get in the pictures but it is a lovely soft peach with a hint of rose. Maybe between the photos inside and the photos outside, but closer to the outdoor pictures? I do my best! Haha. 

I beleive all the beads are glass and metal. The tiny silver round beads may be plastic but I am not sure. 

It measures approx. 4 inches by 4 inches, without fringe. With fringe the bag is approx 7 inches long. The strap, which the buyer can knot or cut and knot to meet their length needs, is 66 inches long. The strap is several strands of hand spun linen twisted into a cord. 


NOTE: As with all natural dyes the color will likely fade with time, especially if always exposed to the sun. It is hand washable in cool water. Hang to dry. Linen dries rather quickly. 

Beaded fringed linen sling/belt bag