In need of an authentic styled and created cap you can be proud of? 
I have been planning these for awhile. It is, I believe, a historic interpretation of a cap/coif/biggins. I have spun the single thread flax/linen and then woven the linen. The pattern is my own. I will be writing up a tutorial instruction of this cap for free and then posting it here in my blog. 

I searched for a simple cap and found many that used far too much fabric to my liking. My thought is that, long ago, people did not have the luxury of wasting their hard won flax (which they grew and processed) and the time put into spinning and weaving to waste any linen. This cap is one piece of fabric I have sewn together, leaving little waste I am turning into amulet bags. 
It is sewn up the back and then sewn in a curve across the crown of the head. Along the bottom it has been turned under and sewn. All thread used for sewing is hand spun linen as well.. The ties are many strands of linen thread I spun and then I fingerloop braided them, a historical method of making cords. 
It is not white as that would take many months in the sunlight to achieve? I included a picture of the cap on a white piece of paper so you can see it is cream. 
Also, as one close up indicates, this weave is not a factory woven piece, it will have inconsistencies of the fiber as seen. This is so much a part of the beauty of hand made items! As a friend told me it is very wabisabi! Haha
One pictures shows you the measurements. from where one tie is to the other, going up and around your head,, from jaw to jaw, it measures approx 22 inches. Across the back of the neck it measures approx. 15 inches. 
I have made a few of these so these measurements are approx but fall within the range of a half an inch. Also the pictures are of one cap. This is not necessarily the cap you will receive but you won't know the difference? Haha.
Each cap has taken approx 15 hrs.