This is one of my favorite bags so far. It is a linen bag that is hand spun, hand woven, and hand quilted and sewn There is also crocheted linen along the top portion of the bag. It is not dyed. 

The Italian quilting is a technique wherein a design is hand stitched, making a channel. Cording is then inserted from the back so that the design is raised. The stitching was done with linen thread I spun, and then the cording inside is linen I spun and twisted into a cord. 

On the inside, covering stitching of design, is wool I felted. The corners of this bag have been sewn at an angle to provide a sort of gusset so that the bag does not open just flat and squarely. 

It measures approx 6 3/4 inches tall by 5 1/4 inches tall. The cording for the drawstring is long enough to loop onto a belt, or to wear on one's wrist. 

This is a bag that is completely hand made, with no purchased/modern elements. 

Italian quilted linen drawstring/belt bag